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Botanicals are our specialty, from lovely hand colored engravings to charming lithographs: English, French, German and American in a wide price range, beautifully framed or matted only.


Selection from William Curtis' Flora Londinensis, botanically accurate depictions of wild plants growing around London, these large hand colored engravings date from 1775





Herbrarium Blackwellianum

Delightful group from Elizabeth Blackwell's Herbal, a charming series with a fascinating history, hand colored engravings from 1757



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Perhaps the most beautiful bird book ever, John Gould's "Birds of Great Britain". Many of the birds in these large hand colored lithographs are also seen in North America.



      Jardine Naturalist's Library   Small birds. We carry a range of hand colored engravings from the wonderful Morris British Birds to the charming engravings of the Naturalist's Library.



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Fruit, from gorgeous hand colored engravings to the Fruits of New York lithographs. Cherries remind our visitors of the Leelanau Peninsula.


Horticultural Society of London

Cherries of New York

Jardine;'s Naturalists Library

Jardine's Naturalists Library  

Butterflies and other bugs
 Hand colored engravings from the endlessly fascinating insect world.

Antique illustrations of Ferns and Leaves, wonderful classic designs.





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Japanese Woodblocks. I keep a collection of these wonderful pieces simply because it is a personal passion, happily shared by many of my customers.



  Krackhart Kondietoribuch Krackhart Kondietoribuch Grammar of Ornament

Interesting old lithographs, from the wonderful designs of the "Grammar of Ornament" to chickens, to fabulous food.



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