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Grill History

The original building was a shop selling Jantzen beach wear....we've been told it was built and owned by the Rader family. The next owners, Sy and Judy Hirt, sold jewelry and furs.

Sometime in the 1960's Rex Burton turned it into a Lum's-style hot dog restaurant named the Red Pine. There was an addition made and The Pine Cone ice cream shop was built next door.

old sign
Hours circa 1970

 Craig and Judy Karnak were the next owners, and made the place famous for its one pound pork chop and the interesting repartee from Craig at the grill. It was the only show in town and apparently there was a line out the door whenever he was open. We found an old sign from this era giving the hours. 
Ah, what we wouldn't give to work those hours now!

Joe and Sue Williamson owned the place next, and we've had visits from a number of their old staff (and their kids) who have been in to eat, with many fond memories.

Red Pine exterior
The Red Pine circa 1980's

The Pistonetti family followed, Audrey and her family ran it for ten years as the Red Pine, specializing in fried chicken, burgers and fries. They kept the Glen Lake basketball team in summer jobs and good times were had by all.  

Red Pine interior
Interior of Red Pine
circa 1980's

Brendan Burrows and Ann Derrick bought the place in 1991 after years of cruising on their sailboat and remade it in the image of what they wanted in every good harbor: fresh bread, fresh vegetables and salad, something interesting and just plain good to eat. In other words, the kind of place we all want to find when traveling.

Renamed the Good Harbor Grill, they remodeled the dining room in a nautical theme, with interesting art reminiscent of harbors around the world. The kitchen has also been updated. In twelve years of operation just about everything in the place has been replaced!


  Interior today

Good Harbor Grill
The Good Harbor Grill today

The most recent addition has been a liquor license. The "GHG" is still going strong and continues to be operated by Brendan and Ann, their two sons, and a staff of young folks from near and far, all here for the summer in this great part of the world.

We hope to see you at The Good Harbor Grill !
Ann and Brendan


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Good Harbor Grill
Open May thru October

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