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Lunch Menu
Hours: 11:30-5:30 Monday-Sat,  Noon-5:30 Sunday



BAKED TURKEY - We roast and carve whole turkey breast and serve it on our fresh baked cracked wheat loaf with lettuce, tomato, purple onion and a slice of Dill Havarti cheese. 10.75
TURKEY & AVOCADO - Our roasted turkey breast, topped with fresh avocado and bacon strips, lettuce, tomato and purple onion on cracked wheat loaf. 12.25
SMOKED HAM - Hand carved traditional smoked ham, made with a slice of Dill Havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on fresh baked cracked wheat loaf. 10.75
GRILLED SALMON - Wild Alaskan Salmon, hook & line caught, lightly seasoned and grilled, served on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and a slice of purple onion. 11.75
BLACKENED WHITEFISH - Fresh local whitefish, blackened and sautéed, served on a cracked wheat bun , with lettuce, tomato, and a slice of purple onion. 10.25
GRILLED BURGER - Keilty Farm locally raised, grass fed, all natural lean burger* served on a cracked wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. 7.75 With cheese. 8.25
GRILLED CHICKEN - Fresh chicken breast, grilled and served on fresh cracked wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and purple onion. 7.75
BLACK BEAN & PESTO BURGER - Slightly spicy black bean veggie burger, a great blend of flavors when served on cracked wheat bun with basil pesto, lettuce and sliced tomato. 7.75
GROWNUP GRILL CHEESE - Dill Havarti cheese, sliced tomato and purple onion grilled on our cracked wheat breakfast bread, warm and yummy. 7.75
MUSHROOM HAM & CHEESE - Filled with a sautéed mushroom and onion mix and our traditional smoked ham, a delicious take on the classic grilled ham and Swiss on rye. 9.75
MARYLAND CRABCAKE - Our house made crab cake, lightly sautéed and served on a cracked wheat bun with lettuce, tomato and spicy caper remoulade sauce. 10.25
Add Avocado to any sandwich 1.50 Add Bacon 1.50
Sandwiches are made with mayo, non-fat (or no) mayo on request.


HEARTY BEEF - Very spicy, flavorful blend of over 40 ingredients with sirloin steak, ground beef, celery, peppers, mushrooms, tomato and five chiles. Topped with cheese and served with chips. 7.75
VEGETARIAN - Almost 40 ingredients, less spicy but every bit as delicious as our original chili, topped
BLACK BEAN - with sour cream and served with a plate of tortilla chips. 7.25
WHITE - Milder but still flavored with our famous chili spices, made with chicken and white beans, tomato,
CHICKEN - celery and peppers, topped with parmesan cheese and served with chips. 7.75


TURKEY - Sliced roasted turkey, onion, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, mayo and jalapeno mustard in honey wheat wrap bread.      10.75
VEGGIE - Homemade hummus, fresh avocado, tomato, cucumber, squash, red and green peppers and purple onion, in honey wheat wrap bread.      9.25
BLACK BEAN - Crumbled black bean burger, in a tomato wrap with lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream and cheddar cheese.       9.25    
PORTABELLA VEGGIE - Portabella mushrooms and fresh summer vegetables roasted with herbs, rolled in a tomato wrap with lettuce and gorgonzola cheese.      9.75
BEEFY GREEK - Ground beef slow cooked with onions, garlic and traditional Greek seasonings, folded in a Pita round with slices of cucumber and tomato, topped with sour cream and served with Greek salad.    10.75  
VEGGIE GREEK - A vegetarian version of the Beefy Greek, falafel folded in a Pita with slices of cucumber, tomato and our cucumber-dill sauce, with  Greek salad.      10.75


We are proud of our Gourmet Salad Mix:  always a colorful variety of fresh local greens.
Large salads are served with a half loaf of cracked wheat bread.
CAESAR - We use our gourmet lettuce mix, add parmesan cheese and croutons and toss with our house made, very garlicky, Caesar dressing.      10.75
GREEK - Gourmet lettuce with generous portions of Feta cheese, garbanzos, beets, black olives, purple onion and our house made Greek dressing.       11.75
GOOD HARBOR - Gourmet mix of leafy lettuces and colorful greens, topped with the season's best mixed vegetables, choice of dressings.       10.50
FRUIT & CHEDDAR - Lettuce mix loaded with chunks of tart apple, dried cherries, sliced almonds and sharp white Cheddar cheese, with Raspberry Vinaigrette.   11.75
CHEF'S - The classic, with our slow roasted turkey breast, delicious smoked ham, swiss cheese, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg, choice of dressings.     12.75
Grilled fresh chicken breast, add   3.75
Blackened whitefish, Grilled Gulf Shrimp or
Grilled Wild Salmon, add 6.25

Always Homemade and one always meat free.    Cup    3.50       Bowl    4.75
The Good Harbor Salad with mixed vegetables.     6.25

Loaf of Fresh Baked Cracked Wheat Bread     1.50

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